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Next Generation Video Interview and Candidate Screening Platform

The most user−friendly most affordable

one and two way video interview software

Find out who’s the person behind the resume.

Become popular among applicants

Interviews are a two-way street. Make an impression on applicants by providing a convenient and flexible interviewing experience that allows them to put their best foot forward.

CamInterviews ensures your interview process…

Make the right hire while saving time and money. Cut your time to hire in half.

CamInterviews combines the power of video interviews and targeted applicant screening assessments to help you identify the right hires quickly, saving time and money.

One-way is

a BETTER way automated convenient informative visual simple cost−effective fast personal the NEW way

Replace time-consuming and unproductive phone screenings with One-Way Interviews, which are pre-recorded video screenings that will let you see the potential in your applicants.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Add your questions
  2. Send the link to your applicants
  3. Review the results

2. Share link with applicants.

1. Add interview inquiries.

3. Review the results.

1. Add interview inquiries.

2. Share link with applicants.

3. Review the results.

Tools for today's interviewing.

Introduce yourself through an authentic and personable interview process that candidates will appreciate.

Hassle-free interview management

Use scoring results to pre-qualify and shortlist your top applicants.

Invite your team to add their own ratings and comments so you’re always on the same page.
Share recorded interviews with team members and hiring managers so they can see the best applicants for themselves.
Sort, filter, and tag interviews and profiles for optimal candidate management.
All of your interviews from preliminary to final are well documented and stored in one secure location.

Pricing plans for everone

Getting started could be the most valuable 15 minutes of your day.
A flexible solution for ANY business
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Small to Medium Enterprise
Do you wear a lot of hats? Do you have a dedicated human resources person? Is this your first time interviewing? We can help!
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Large Enterprises
Do you receive an overwhelming stack of resumes every time you post a job? Is your team feeling fragmented or burnt out, or suffering from interview fatigue? We can help!
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Recruitment and Staffing Agencies
Do you struggle to find and submit the best matches for your clients quickly and efficiently? Do you create compelling applicant profiles that make an impression on hiring managers? We can help!
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Hiring Locally
Do you need help deciding who gets that valuable spot on your calendar for an in-person interview? We can help!
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Relocating Talent
Do you need a cost-effective way to increase geographical reach to find top talent? How do you decide which applicants to fly in for onsite visits? We can help!
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