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Frequently Asked Questions

A video interview allows you to interview candidates face-to-face through your webcam and record the interview to share with others on your hiring team. The platform is browser-based so no downloads are necessary.
Think of these like video applications. Choose screening questions and video questions to create your interview, then share the interview with potential hires. No more cold calling! Candidates can answer your questions at their convenience. You can review their responses on your own time and share with team members or hiring managers. Not only does this help you quickly screen and identify quality candidates, but you also learn more about a candidate than you would in a traditional phone interview.
Live interviews are efficient and effective options for you and your team to meet candidates face-to-face. Live interviews happen in real-time and are great alternatives to onsite interviews. On Demand interviews consist of multiple-choice screening questions and video interview questions. Candidates can answer and record their responses at their convenience. On Demand interviews are great alternatives for screening assessments or phone interviews. All interviews are recorded and can be watched, shared and reviewed.

CamInterviews provides features such as the ability to conduct a screening assessment for all of your candidates so you can automatically create a short list of your top candidates for each job that you need to fill. In addition, we provide simple collaboration tools for your team and hiring managers to use to review, rate, and follow-up with potential hires. On average, CamInterviews will reduce your time to hire by half.

Absolutely! We would love to walk you through CamInterviews. Click on the ‘Request Demo’ on the menu bar or click here. Fill out your information and we will schedule you for a demo.

Yes, you can cancel at anytime with a minimum of five (5) days notice at any point during the contract. You are able to change the form of payment at any time.
We recommend paying online using a credit card to ensure you can start using the video interview platform immediately. Please contact us for more information if you need an alternative payment method.